Reflections on Philip Guston's The Tormentors (1948)

The Tormentors invites us to see that things are not as they seem, that the world is not as clear as we imagine, that our greatness is not in our ability to control, that the lines we have drawn are not the building blocks of reality, and that there is life to receive from the world when we let the the deep love at the heart of the universe teach us how to see what it is trying to teach us.”

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A letter to my friends at the UCICC

“When our policy makers publicly use the Bible to support any kind of violence, especially violence against children, I believe we have a responsibility to lead our faith communities to speak back: “You can’t use our sacred texts that way!” When we do so, we stand in the good company of folks like Moses, Daniel, John the Baptist, Jesus, the Apostle Paul, Gandhi, and Dr. King.”

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Sermon Prep and Lectionary Prayers for the Eighth Sunday after Pentecost, Year C