A Place Beyond

We are no longer in the valley.This is a place beyond. Somehow darker than dark and yet we are sore eyed, blinded by the light.

We are no longer slaves. Beyond the sweat and sorrows, the strong hands that hung over us, waiting to sting our backs by the snaps of their whips. Somehow liberated but not yet free.

We are no longer in fear. Beyond the land of plagues and pestilence. We have walked across the crashing waters of the sea, beyond the land of our enemies. Somehow on our way to a land sweetened with honey and flowing with nourishment fresh as our mother's milk, and yet we are lost in the barren dryness of the wilderness.

Homeless, yet home bound. In the shadow of death, comforted by the guidance of the promise of life.

These are the days 'twixt dark and dawn, 'tween valley and summit, riddled with Egypt but in route to promised land. For nothing less is deserving of broken beings like those of us who live by faith.