Building fences. Imprisoning Christ.

In the last judgement Christ says, "Whatever you have done to the least of these, you have done to me" (Mt 25:40). Working in New Mexico, Br Robert Lentz became intimately aware of the spiritual crisis that is our current-day situation with immigration. Our current political climate echoes loud voices calling to "Make America Great Again" by building walls or distancing ourselves from larger political bodies with with the hope of keeping out immigrants. Br. Lentz's Christ of Maryknoll Iconchallenges us to see the wounds of Christ as being inflicted by tools of power, oppression, and exclusion upon those whose economic and political situations have forced them to search in vain for hope and health and life.

As Dorothy Soelle once asked, why is it so hard to show Christians who go to church every Sunday where it is that the crucifixion is happening today?